Session 709

Title: Building Teacher Capacity through Action Research

Presenter: Louise Swanson, Epping Boys High School

Co-presenter: Ralph David, Epping Boys High School

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins

Overview: To achieve significant impact on learning in the classroom, we adopted a voluntary team leadership approach to implement three separate projects based on the DEC NSW action research model. The three projects developed were: the BYOD Project, the Student Resilience and Self-Efficacy Project and the Literacy Project. To gain teacher commitment to the projects, emphasis was placed on providing opportunities to work collegially across faculties, engage in a collaborative problem solving process using current research and participate in professional discussion that focused on pedagogy. The approach drew heavily on the concepts of professional learning communities and distributed leadership to develop skills and strategies in teachers to implement change in their classrooms, but also to take on leadership roles within the school. Participating teachers have been supported through the projects in mapping their progress against the Australian Professional Teaching Standards. Differentiated opportunities have been provided to address accreditation at all levels, allowing opportunities for teachers to build leadership capacity. Participants will be provided with a practical model for implementation at their own schools to provide quality professional learning which addresses issues specific to their own school context.

Target Audience: K-12, Teachers & Executive, School Leaders

Requirements: NIL