Session 607/707

Title:  Redesigning space for future-focused learning

Presenter: Stacey Quince, Futures Learning Unit, Department of Education

Co-presenters: Kim Proctor,  Futures Learning Unit, Department of Education

Type: Showcase & Practical

Duration: 120 mins


Presented by the NSW Department of Education’s Futures Learning Unit, this workshop will provide you with the resources and tools you need to rethink the design of learning spaces in your classroom, school or community to support the implementation of new and emerging pedagogies. This workshop will be grounded in each participant’s own school context and will support teachers and school leaders to think about how space can be changed or redesigned for any budget to better support learning for all students.

Participants will start to shape ideas for their school, working through a series of key elements including:

  • research on space design and case studies in NSW schools
  • processes for consultation to get ‘buy-in’
  • considerations for design, including mobilising technology
  • developing teacher capacity to use new spaces effectively
  • evaluating impact of the space
  • scaling transformation across the school.

Participants will be supported with a newly developed toolkit which they can use with teams of teachers at school. They will actively engage in considering how to redesign a specific space in their own school.

Target Audience: K-12, School Leaders, Special Education, Rural & Remote

Requirements: NIL