Session 706

Title: Formative assessment strategies for Students with disabilities – building well-being through self-assessment

Presenter: Caroline Cass, Sadlier Public School

Co-presenter: Leah Ponzio, Sadlier Public School

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins


“If you can both listen to children and accept their answers not as things to just be judged right or wrong but as pieces of information which may reveal what the child is thinking, you will have taken a giant step towards becoming a master teacher, rather than merely a disseminator of information” Easley & Zwoyer, 1975.

Leah Ponzio and Caroline Cass have designed and implemented, in the classroom and whole school, formative assessment strategies aimed to increase participation and motivation of students with special needs in their own learning. While there are five key formative assessment strategies, to meet the learning needs of students with disabilities, the project focused on one key strategy: Activating students as the owners of their own learning.

The project was implemented through four strands:

  • Student Self-Assessment Package
  • Emotional Literacy Strategy: How do you feel?
  • Self-assessment and responding through literacy.
  • Well-being Strategy

These implementations provide one big idea: Using evidence of learning to adapt learning in real time to meet students learning needs. And take the power away from the teacher (this is what I want you to learn) and gives it to the student (this is what I learnt today).

The presenters will provide feedback on the impact on the wellbeing, self-esteem, and student motivation for learning and engaging in these strategies which change classroom environments and teacher practice, and ultimately student’s experience of their education.

Target Audience: K-12, Teachers & Executive, Special Education

Requirements: Nil

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