Session 705

Title: Using iPads to Create Quality Visual, Digital and Multimodal Texts

Presenter: Bridgitte Logan, Cronulla South PS

Co-presenter: Hayley Smith, Cronulla South PS

Type: Practical

Duration: 60 mins

Overview: Access to iPad technology has significantly changed the way in which children share and communicate their knowledge and understanding in current educational environments. Giving students knowledge and skills to use media production and application resources has the ability to revolutionise the way students create texts and make meaning. This workshop is designed to provide teachers with a range of resources and strategies to promote the authentic integration of technology in planning and implementing the creation of visual, multimedia and digital texts from Early Stage 1 to Stage 3. We will explicitly explore a variety of iPad applications to assist students in composing texts in four specific areas: Constructing multimodal texts through filmmaking, Exploring visual literacy apps, Green screen technology and Creating multimodal texts.

Target Audience: K-6, Teachers & Executive

Requirements: Not mandatory apps but would be very helpful for participants to ‘have a play’ when in workshop: Book Creator, iMovie, Puppet Pals, Toontastic, Video fx, Fantastic flying books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.