Session 705

Title: It is not about STEM. It is making STEM happen

Presenter: Jessica McCarthy – Mosman High School

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins

Overview: “To recognise and take full advantage of the opportunities which STEM provides, Australia will benefit most if there is widespread and general STEM literacy throughout the community, complementing the deep expertise of STEM practitioners.” With 75% of the fast growing occupations requiring STEM skills, it is vital that we integrate this seamlessly into our school curriculum. Leading this change can be a challenge. This workshop will provide evidence and examples of success in implementing STEM and provide a model and ideas as to how this can be done in a High School context. Participants will have access to curriculum ideas, suggested formats and ways to plan and manage timetables and staff.

Target Audience: 7 – 12 Teachers & Executive

Requirements: Nil