Session 703

Title: Online digital resources that enable innovation and change

Presenter: Colleen Blancato, Learning Systems, Department of Education

Co-presenter: Enone Melville, Learning Systems, Department of Education

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins


This session will provide an overview of the digital teaching and learning resources available to the Department’s students and staff, including the national digital resource collections and tools that can be used to discover, curate and share digital resources. The session is relevant to the contemporary digital and BYOD environment.

In this session teachers will:

  • Develop their understanding and awareness of available products and services that support curriculum implementation and engage student learning in the 21st century classroom
  • explore strategies that engage and innovate students using online learning products
  • explore the Department’s digital collection of quality ready-to-use teaching and learning resources which are available through NSW DEC Scootle
  • explore the department’s library of online professional learning resources including targeted resources

Target Audience: K-12, School Leaders, Special Education, Rural & Remote

Requirements: Laptop computer or Wi-Fi enabled mobile device.

Resources: Link to the presentation: