Session 703

Title: Make Build Create for students with additional learning and support needs

Presenter: Fiona Thomas – Toongabbie Public School

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins

Overview: During 2017 Toongabbie Public school support unit implemented a Make, Build, Create program using a variety of materials to introduce STEAM activities to students with additional learning and support needs. This workshop will discuss the process, planning and resources the teachers used to introduce the program. Examples will be provided of session development and activities. In the second half of the workshop participants will have the opportunity to participate in three Make build create activities. These will include activities across the arts, maths, and science and technology curriculum areas. Focus will be on participants seeing the broad range of activities and there practical application into a K-6 classroom.

Target Audience: K – 6 Teachers & Executive and Special Education

Requirements: Participants should expect to participate in at least 3 make build create activities during this session. If you have an iPhone or iPad you can download any or all of the following apps StickBots animation studio, Daisy the Dinosaur coding app, Blox 3D and/or Draw 3D Junior.