Session 702

Title: Innovative Learning at Canobolas High

Presenter: Judith Bertolin, The Canobolas Rural Technology High School

Co-presenter: Mark Stein, The Canobolas Rural Technology High School

Co-presenter: Matt Scott, The Canobolas Rural Technology High School

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins


To address the changing educational needs of students and increase engagement, The Canobolas Rural Technology High School, has two innovative projects to share.

  • Project 1 – Canobolas High Performance Athletes (CHPA) program. CHPA students are supported by industry professionals and a school based management team. Local industry representatives work with students in the area of Strength and Conditioning, Exercise and Sport Science, Physiotherapy, Pilates, Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Media skills and Sports Coaching. Students learn: specific time management and organisational skills; participate in ongoing individual strength, speed, flexibility, power and aerobic endurance programs; access state of the art exercise testing and training equipment in a university exercise physiology laboratory setting; further develop technical and tactical skills within their chosen sport; and experience elite sporting environments and events
  • Project 2 – STEM centre and Stage 4 STEM curriculum. Following recent STEM trials in the school, The Canobolas Rural Technology High School is embedding an integrated project based STEM curriculum for all students in Stage 4 and establishing a STEM Centre. The STEM Centre encourages Students Thinking Exploring and Making and has two unique learning areas – the Thinkerspace and Makerspace – for lesson delivery. The units of learning feature technology maker projects as the vehicle for Scientific and Mathematical thinking. STEM extends the learning of their most talented students while at the same time reengaging those who ask, “Why do I even need to learn this anyway?” The units are designed to mesh with the Science Scope and Sequence to enhance learning.

Target Audience: 7-12, Teachers & Executive, Rural & Remote

Requirements: Nil