Session 601

Title: SOLE Self-Organised Learning Environments

Presenter: Belinda Bush, Harrington Park Public School

Co-presenter: Kristy Camenzuli, Harrington Park Public School

Co-presenter: Ben Green, Harrington Park Public School

Type: Practical

Duration: 60 mins

Overview: We will be presenting a practical session introducing S.O.L.E (Self-Organised Learning Environments). Participants will engage with the protocols of S.O.L.E and participant in a S.O.L.E session. Self-Organised Learning Environments (S.O.L.Es) are created when educators encourage students to work as a community to answer their own vibrant questions by using the internet and previously acquired knowledge. The purpose of S.O.L.E is to integrate technology and 21st century learning practices in the classroom to increase student directed learning opportunities. The emphasis of this session will be utilising S.O.L.E in Years 3 – 6, with the opportunity to modify the protocols and structure for K – 2 students. You should expect to gain knowledge of how to plan and implement S.O.L.E to support inquiry learning and promote student engagement. Assistance will also be given in constructing ‘Big questions’ and creating higher order thinking tasks to consolidate your inquiry session and learning program.

Target Audience: K-6, Teachers & Executive

Requirements: Bring a device that has access to the internet. Preferably an iPad or tablet.