Session 610

Title: Conceptual English programming in a Future Focussed Classroom

Presenter: Rose Kingi, Tregear Public School

Co-presenters: Zehra Ali, Tregear Public School

Type: Practical

Duration: 60 mins


This session is designed to support teachers and leaders K-6 in creating critical, creative, communicative and collaborative thinkers through the conceptual planning of English units in a future focussed classroom. Participants will see the process of creating these environments with limited resources and how it affects student engagement and results.

From this session participants will:

  • Explore “The 4 C’s” through English Conceptual Planning
  • Examine practical examples of learning environments and how students navigate these spaces to support effective communicative and collaborative learning.
  • Develop practical strategies to implement in their own classrooms
  • Analyse and challenge their thinking of traditional vs. future focussed class environments

Target Audience: K-6, Teachers & Executive

Requirements: NIL