Session 609

Title: What to do in the classroom once it’s flipped

Presenter: Aaron Cook – Learning Systems

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins

Overview: As educators, we appreciate the value of engaging students in higher order thinking essential to the changing nature of work. Finding opportunities to do so can be difficult in a dense curriculum. This session frames flipped learning as an investment to maximise class time, and explores how these dividends can best be spent. We will investigate higher order thinking tasks that are student-centred, collaborative, sustained, and involve critical and creative thinking. Students who engage in these practices develop deeper understanding and build capabilities essential for future success. You will use Google G Suite, one of the department’s online learning tools, in a blended learning environment. Gaining this perspective will help you to appreciate the role of both a teacher and a student in an online learning community.

Target Audience: 7 – 12 Teachers & Executive

Requirements: Participants will require a laptop and unit of learning.