Session 607

Title: Bring some S.O.L.E. into your classroom.

Presenter: Trudy Rodwell and Mandy Hasiuk – Bradbury Public School

Type: Practical

Duration: 60 mins

Overview: Inspire your students to develop the skills of thinking and problem solving for themselves, being able to work successfully within a group situation, researching to answer BIG questions and presenting knowledge in creative ways. S.O.L.E., (Self Organised Learning Environment), is a thinking/creating/presenting process pioneered by Sugata Mitra, the winner of the first million dollar TED prize, which hands students the responsibility for their learning. Through the S.O.L.E. process students are immersed in researching, working as a group, presenting findings in a public forum, evaluating their learning and evaluating the learning of others. Most suitable to students from year 3 onwards, S.O.L.E. is a perfect vehicle to provide you as an educator the opportunity to develop a classroom full of self-sufficient students who can step up and direct their learning whilst building the essential group working and presentation skills, which will stand them in good stead lifelong.

Target Audience: K – 12 Teachers & Executive

Requirements: Participants will require an electronic device.