Session 606

Title: Mathematics by Inquiry

Presenter: Mitchell King, Condell Park PS

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins


As an Early Action for Success school we have used the mathematics syllabus and the numeracy continuum to design engaging and meaningful learning experiences for our students.

In this workshop you will see:

  • how we have unpacked the syllabus and divided content in guided, modelled and independent teaching and learning lessons.
  • The use of mathematics investigations to allow students the opportunity to apply their skills to a real life context and take part in rich assessments.
  • Staff will share their practices and you will see practical examples of differentiated lessons, personalised learning plans and an explanation of the different intervention processes used for all our students.
  • These investigations are embedded in the flexible scope and sequence and provide differentiated assessment for the students to showcase their skills while doing, making, explaining and discussing.
  • How we have used hands on activities and brain breaks in K-6 to create engaging lessons that allow for repetition of key number facts.

The quality maths programs that have been implemented in all classrooms have resulted in 100% improvement in all mathematics areas for all students, 100% of Kindergarten students at benchmark by the end of semester 1, 70% of students in year 1 reaching benchmark in semester 1 and 68% of students in year 2 reaching benchmark at the end of year 2.

Target Audience: K-6, Teachers & Executive

Requirements: Nil