Session 603

Title: “Practically Positive – hints and how-to’s to introducing positive education into your school”

Presenter: Lincoln Comans – Mount View High School

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins

Overview: Mount View HS is introducing positive education principles to the school and its community. Based on the “5 ways to wellbeing” framework it is an achievable message that impacts directly on student and staff wellbeing and ultimately on each student’s capacity to learn. This workshop will outline the basics of positive education, the process taken to gain staff buy-in, the considerations about possible frameworks, strategies employed, funding considerations, and its alignment with the DoE’s Wellbeing Framework. The “5 ways to wellbeing” is a scientifically rigorous framework initially developed in the UK. Mount View HS is a PESA (Positive Education Schools Association” member school in a low-socio-economic designated area of the Hunter Valley.

TargetAudience: K – 12 Teachers & Executive and School Leaders

Requirements: Nil