Session 602

Title: “Cracking the Code” – How to Get Started with Coding in the Classroom

Presenter: Katherine Geer, Canley Vale Public School

Co-presenters: Kyla Morris, Canley Vale Public School

Type: Practical

Duration: 60 mins

Overview: What is coding? Have you tried coding in your classroom? Learn why coding is important for today’s students. See how logical thinking, problem solving and creativity links with curriculum. This workshop is ideal for those who are new to the concept of coding and those who would like to further explore resources. We will demonstrate how to develop these skills using a range of free iPad apps, software, web tools and pen and paper.  A variety of resources will be set up to support teachers from preschool to Year 6. There will be practical workstations for participants to use Bee Bots, Turtle Art, Scratch and apps such as Daisy the Dinosaur, Cargo Bot and Tynker. Participants will have time to play, explore and evaluate tools that they can take back to their classroom and use straight away.

Target Audience: K-6, School Leaders

Requirements: NIL

Resources: Link to presentation: