Session 508

Title: STEAM and iPads

Presenter: Chelsea Walsh, Cooerwull Public School

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins


STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) is the way to teach our students to be innovative! This workshop equips teachers to empower their students through STEAM challenges to become creative problem solvers. We focus on using iPads and new, inventive apps.

We don’t know what the future will be like for our students but we do know that we need to teach them to become creative problem solvers to be able to find solutions to problems that we have not even thought of. This workshop teaches how to combine a number of different apps to complete STEAM challenges to get our students ready for the future!

Target Audience: K-12, Teachers & Executive, School Leaders, Special Education, Rural & Remote

Requirements: NIL

Resources: View the presentation here: