Session 507

Title: Could curiosity cure the cat? Questions to Provoke Inquiry.

Presenter: Claire Thickett and Louise King – Schools Services Macquarie Park

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins

Overview: Successful Inquiry-based Learning happens when executive teams, teachers and students are consciously curious about learning and teaching, the world around them, the way things and systems work and how far we can push the limits of imagination. For our students to thrive in a rapidly changing world we need to ensure that schools are places that value curiosity, creativity and agile, critical thinking. Building on the research of Kath Murdoch (The Power of Inquiry, 2015), Trevor Mackenzie (Diving into Inquiry, 2016) Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins (Essential Questions) and Wendy Ostroff (Cultivating Curiosity in K-12 Classrooms) participants will begin to explore how they can develop a curious classroom. They will practice using provocative, probing and compelling questions that bring the NSW Curriculum to life and initiate learning that will nurture the innate curiosity of our students. School and student examples will be shared throughout the workshop as well as resources for teacher use. As a result of attending this workshop participants will return to school with a deeper understanding of inquiry and its relationship to curiosity, and creative and critical thinking.

Target Audience: K – 12 Teachers & Executive

Requirements: Participants will require an electronic device.