Session 505

Title: Showcasing Creative Thinking teaching strategies in K-6

Presenter: Amy Mortimer, Hurstville Public School

Co-presenter: Rupinder Singh, Hurstville Public School

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins


“If creative thinking and behaviour are to become a part of a pupil’s life in school, they must be expected and valued by the school as a whole” (Creativity, Culture & Education, 2009-2012)

This presentation will showcase examples of how Hurstville Public School values creative thinking and behaviour as an integral component of 21st Century learning skills. The Melbourne Declaration states that learners are, “creative, innovative and resourceful, and are able to solve problems in ways that draw upon a range of learning areas and disciplines” (2008, p. 8). Over the past year teachers at Hurstville Public School have focused on implementing collaborative, critical and creative thinking skills throughout the K-6 curriculum to develop students’ ability to problem solve and be innovative learners. To facilitate this implementation we devised and employed a creative thinking framework that aligned with the NSW Syllabus and reflected the key goals of our whole school plan.

This presentation showcases how teachers have used the framework to promote and nurture students’ collaborative, critical and creative thinking skills and enhance their learning outcomes across the curriculum.

Target Audience: K-6, Teachers & Executive

Requirements: NIL

Resources: Download the pdf of the presentation here.