Session 406

Title: A Meaningful Model of Professional Learning

Presenter: Bianca Howarth and Tania Miller – Balgowlah Heights Public School

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins

Overview: This workshop is aimed primarily at school leaders as a way to implement meaningful professional learning to improve student learning and cater for teachers professional learning needs using the Helen Timperley’s ‘Spiral of Inquiry’. Teachers and students drive the focus of professional learning through the use of formal and informal data. Professional learning communities are a way to foster collective teacher efficacy, which is currently the highest effect size on John Hattie’s list of influences on student achievement.  The outcome for leaders are: – Introduction to the Spiral of Inquiry – Background information regarding the current research on school leadership and teacher professional learning and the impact on student achievement.  – Practical examples of how the Spiral of Inquiry can be used to create professional learning communities within the school. – Discussion on the set up and the facilitation to ensure success.

Target Audience: K – 12, Teachers & Executive, Special Education, Rural and Remote

Requirements: Nil