Session 405

Title: Filmmaking: An Introduction to Engaging Young Minds through Movie Projects

Presenter: Eric McCarron

Type: Practical

Duration: 60 mins

Overview: Filmmaking is more and more an accessible tool that engages our students, giving them a voice and affording them the opportunity to share their stories and ideas with others. This workshop introduces you to the processes and tools of using movie projects in the classroom. The objectives of this workshop are two-fold. One, to share the filmmaking processes, from scriptwriting to editing. Two, the practical session shows how making movies is collaborative, bringing a diverse group together improving social development and expression. Filmmaking is varied and wide-reaching, allowing all young people, even those who struggle with traditional learning methods, to succeed. Having continuously taught with movies and film over the last five years and having run school Film Clubs over the last four years, Eric McCarron shares practical tips and processes to get your class making movie projects to enhance any learning area. Movie projects dramatise students’ stories, validate science experiments, display the newest dance moves or sporting tactics, create new Youtubers, bring together diverse teams and, most importantly, are a lot of fun.

Target Audience: K-12, Teachers & Executive

Requirements: Participants can bring their own device with video recording and editing software, e.g. iPad with iMovie or laptop with Premiere.

Resources: Link to the slides