Session 405

Title: Creating a Successful Future Focussed School through Innovation and Creativity

Presenter: Tim Lloyd –  Plumpton High School

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins

Overview: Tim Lloyd is the Principal Plumpton High School, having previously been a Director in Local Schools Local Decisions (LSLD). He assisted with the development and implementation of the education reform that gives NSW public schools more authority to make local decisions about how best to meet the needs of their students. This means giving schools greater freedom to make decisions about how to use the money we spend on public education. Tim will provide insight into how he has maximised the LSLD reform agenda. This has occurred through utilising the levers available to develop Plumpton into a school that is innovative, inspiring and creative leading to student and staff success at a state and national level across the curriculum. Plumpton High School’s vision is based on the premise that excellence comes when students and staff commit to becoming the best they can be, contributing to the local and global community in a meaningful way. Plumpton believes this goal can be best realised within a supportive, innovative, creative and stimulating educational environment focused on building intellectual capacity, positive relationships and strong self-concept.

Target Audience: 7 – 12 Teachers & Executive, School Leaders and Rural and Remote

Requirements: Nil