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Title: Teaching and Learning with iTunes U

Presenter: Steve Papp, Field of Mars Environmental Education Centre

Co-presenter: Liz Shenstone, Field of Mars Environmental Education Centre

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins

Overview: It’s now easier than ever to create teaching and learning sequences or courses on an iPad to support BOSTES Syllabus. In this professional learning session Field of Mars EEC staff will showcase how they have used and you can use iTunes U Course Manager to streamline teaching workflows and transform student learning. Using iTunes U you can embed Apps, books, videos and other resources into exciting digital learning sequences. iTunes U provides an platform to easily implement flipped classroom methodology. With iTunes U 3.0 students can even hand in work. We will examine successful examples of the use of iTunes U in both classroom and non-traditional classroom settings.

Target Audience: K-12, Teachers & Executive

Requirements: iPad with the following apps.