Session 401

Title: Charles Leadbeater – new and effective approaches to learning

Presenter: Charles Leadbeater – Keynote

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins

Overview: In this interactive workshop Charles Leadbeater will use examples of schools practice from around the world that exemplify new and more effective approaches to learning, based on the framework he will have outlined in his plenary session. He will examine learning that builds knowledge (often conceptual, interdisciplinary and thematic) but also a sense of agency (learning by making, doing and serving) personal strengths (resilience, purpose, persistence) and social skills (especially collaboration, sharing and communication.) Leadbeater argues that these four ingredients define the kind of learning young people need to be entrepreneurial, innovative, non-routine, collaborative problem solvers. Really good places to learn do all four well, combine them in interesting ways and know how to move students along these dimensions, sometimes building basic knowledge and personal attributes at other times encouraging learning through agency and collaboration, as well as critical thinking and intellectual synthesis. He will look at the organisational and leadership characteristics of schools that work this way as well as touching on some of the wider enablers of this approach, especially new approaches to assessment.

Target Audience: K-12, Teachers & Executive

Requirements: Nil