Session 307

Title: The Power of Perception in Supporting Wellbeing Leading Learning!

Presenter: Kelly Lawson and Matthew Baxter – Plumpton High School

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins

Overview:  Kelly Lawson is the Deputy Principal at Plumpton High School, with a PDHPE teaching background and along with the Wellbeing team has introduced a Positive Psychology approach pastoral care program that empowers students to demonstrate critical thinking, resilience, growth mind set, reflection and choice in relation to their wellbeing and mental health. As a result, students develop the essential capacity and capabilities to be successful in a dynamic future focussed world. This program is underpinned by the Department of Education’s Wellbeing Framework, Glasser’s Choice Theory and Seligman’s PERMA model. It demonstrates how improved Wellbeing can lead to enhanced engagement and educational outcomes. The team have developed a comprehensive relational scope and sequence and targeted professional learning that develops the whole child depending on their developmental stage and provides staff with explicit strategies.

Target Audience: K – 12 Teachers & Executive and School Leaders

Requirements: Nil