Session 307

Title: Title: Reflective, collaborative learners need reflective, collaborative teachers: How opening our doors challenged our teaching, promoted collective efficacy and increased student autonomy

Presenter: Leanne Hodges, Auburn West Public School

Co-presenter: Christie Adams, Auburn West Public School

Co-presenter: Natalie Cooper, Auburn West Public School

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins

Overview: In 2014 we began our open-classroom journey. We began this journey to provide our students with 21st century learning experiences; we wanted our teaching and learning to reflect the challenges of our changing world. While our focus was to provide more opportunities for innovative and authentic learning experiences, our staff needed to ensure we continued to support the literacy and numeracy development of our students.  We sought to develop a culture of reflective, collaborative and goal orientated learners, and to do this we needed to embed this same culture in our teaching partnerships and teams across the school.  This session will examine how our team enhanced their teaching relationships to ensure all students were engaged in quality learning experiences. We will explore how leading teachers and executive staff can support colleagues to develop engaging teaching and learning programs with challenging learning goals that support all learners in flexible learning spaces. The session will include the perspectives and experiences of teachers undertaking a radical change in their own teaching practice as well as those of executive staff guiding and supporting these changes across their teams.

Target Audience: K-6, Teachers & Executive, School Leaders

Requirements: NIL