Session 304

Title: BYOD Redefining Education: just good pedagogy

Presenter: Michelle Michael, Gymea Bay Public School

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins


With a large percentage of principals either partially implementing BYOD or considering implementing BYOD, the push for BYOD within schools has never been greater. What are the pedagogical implications for such a strategy? What Professional Learning models work best in facilitating teacher understanding and skill development in a 1:1 environment? What does BYOD look like in context? How are successes and failures of such a program measured? Feedback from previous workshops include: “I thoroughly enjoyed the course and you really clarified a few things for me. The biggest was probably ‘Why should we implement a BYOD plan at our school?’ I think this could be an entire course by itself. I’m sure many schools and principals would be interested to see exactly how things work!’- Kingsgrove PS 2015.

“I thought you stuck the perfect balance between inspiring your audience with the rather awesome potential of BYOD, while still keeping us grounded in the reality of the hard work, expense and perseverance involved in initiating and pushing through such a strategy. The practical setup information was also extremely valuable and well-explained.” -Wilkins PS 2015.

Target Audience: K-12, Teachers & Executive, Rural & Remote

Requirements: PNIL