Session 303

Title: The ACCORD Project: An innovative stage 5 elective

Presenter: Stephanie Ward, Sydney Secondary College Leichhardt Campus

Co-Presenter: Rachael Alonso, Sydney Secondary College Leichhardt Campus

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins


Sydney Secondary College, Leichhardt Campus has developed an innovative new stage 5 elective inspired by the principles of project based learning. By using student choice to enhance engagement the elective aims to build student capacity in the future focussed areas of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. Participants will learn about the various mentoring strategies used by teachers to run the elective and the negotiated learning pathways and assessment used to personalise the learning experiences for all students. The ACCORD Project has been running successfully as an elective for gifted and talented students for two years and has recently been endorsed by the Board of Studies. The elective has run successfully for two years and has recently been endorsed with the Board of Studies. We would like to share this elective to showcase how we are responding innovatively to the changing requirements of education. We live in a hyper-connected world and the role of the teacher is changing as a result; we are no longer the distributors of information but are designers of learning experiences that allow students to critically engage with information as both consumers and contributors.

Target Audience: 7-12, Teachers & Executive

Requirements: Participants should bring a mobile device or laptop so that they can access our programs and assessment tasks.