Session 301

Title: Get REAL: EngageMeE

Presenter: Tiffany Sinton, Mount Ousley Public School

Co-presenter: Brad Tate,  Mount Ousley Public School

Co-presenter: Michelle Tregoning,  Fairfield Public School

Type: Practical

Duration: 60 mins

Overview: Are you having fun? Is your brain getting sweaty? Are you achieving something / feeling productive? Once you understand the power of Engagement, you are transformed: You cannot teach, interact or run a school without it influencing everything you do!  “Get REAL: Engage MeE” is a showcase designed to delve into exactly what the MeE Framework is… and its profound impact on student, teacher and whole school engagement. We will share how our school has used this framework to rejuvenate its experienced staff, empower its beginning teachers and transform the culture of the school! Students really believe ‘School is for Me’!  During the workshop, participants will interact with the Framework finding a ‘way in’ for enabling engagement in their own contexts. The design of the workshop itself will illustrate what it feels like to be a learner in an engaging learning environment. There will be fun social interaction, sweaty brains and reflection! Largely based on the findings of multiple researchers at UWS as part of the Fair Go Project, principally Geoff Munns & Andrew Martin.

Target Audience: K-12, Teachers & Executive

Requirements: Recommended but not required:  – a connected device to share / record ideas / design reflection tools – Twitter to connect & enable further PL through our network of passionate educators (or a willingness to try Twitter)