Session 210-310

Title: Online Collaboration

Presenter: Steve Wilkins, Learning Systems, Department of Education

Co-presenter: Eric Land, Learning Systems, Department of Education

Type: Showcase & Practical

Duration: 120 mins


This session will provide an overview of Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Education–the collaboration tools available to Department of Education staff and students–with a focus on using the tools in a pedagogical setting.  In the practical session, participants will engage in a choice of hands-on activities to further explore the tools, for example, use Google Sites to create an online digital learning resource (the Collaboratus model); or create and publish an online digital handout using Microsoft Sway.   Participants will:

  • reflect on their current understanding of collaborative technologies
  • reflect on how features of 21st century learning design apply in their own context
  • access and explore the features and differences between available online collaboration tools
  • develop an understanding of how online collaborative technologies can be used for polling, sharing and publishing within the classroom
  • reflect on how the use of the available online learning tools can enhance collaboration (student-student, student-teacher, teacher-teacher)
  • use collaboration tools to develop an online resource that can be used with students and/or teachers


Target Audience: Teachers & Executive, School leaders, Special Education, Rural & Remote

Requirements: Nil

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