Session 209

Title: 5 Principles to Make Maths Inspiring

Presenter: Eddie Woo, Cherrybrook Technology High School

Type: Practical

Duration: 60 mins


Mathematics is an inspiring and groundbreaking field of endeavor that we benefit from individually and as a society every single day. But students’ experience of maths in the classroom often falls short of this reality.   This workshop is designed to equip mathematics teachers with pedagogical approaches that will make their lessons more engaging and placing more emphasis on the Working Mathematically strands. This workshop explores principles to inspire students and teachers alike to not just do maths but be mathematicians.

An outline of the session’s main points are:

  • Mathematics as exploration
  • The importance of storytelling
  • Engaging students outside the classroom
  • Being an inspired teacher
  • The place of playfulness in mathematics

Target Audience: 7-12, Teachers & Executive

Requirements: Nil