Session 206-306

Title: Futures Learning – A practical approach to building the vision with your whole school community

Presenter: Stacey Quince, Futures Learning Unit, Department of Education

Type: Showcase

Duration: 120 mins

Overview: Presented by the NSW Department of Education’s Futures Learning Unit, this workshop will provide you with the resources and tools you need to build a whole school vision for a future-focused learning environment. In a time of rapid educational change, it can be challenging to get “buy-in” from all members of the community to shift thinking and practice. This workshop will provide you with processes and materials you can use to build a collaborative vision for learning in your local context with executive, teachers, students and the broader community. Participants will actively participate in a number of activities, including consultation protocols that can also be used back at school to shift practice in learning, technology, design of space, professional learning, evaluation or any other school priority. These processes can be used in the classroom, with a team of teachers or at a whole school level.

Target Audience: K-12, Teachers & Executive, School Leaders, Special Education, Rural & Remote

Requirements: NIL