Session 109

Title: Early Years Tech: Innovation in teaching and learning

Presenter: Georgia Harris and Lisa Holmes – Gymea Bay Public School

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins

Target Audience: K – 12 Teachers & Executive, K – 6 Teachers & Executive, School Leaders , Special Education and Rural and Remote

Overview: Technology is being used as a tool for improving program quality in many interesting ways. Fresh from presenting at the 2017 Early Years Conference, University of Technology and the Apple Distinguished School Conference in Queensland, expert teachers in early years learning will address how and why they use technology in their classrooms to improve program quality, increase responsiveness to parents, and expand opportunities for learning. Learn practical examples from early years’ teachers about the successful integration of digital learning into the early childhood classroom and curriculum. Apps including SeeSaw, Book Creator, Pic Collage, Camera App, Osmo and Clips provide an exciting insight about the possibilities and the creative ways we will use them in our early childhood and stage 1 setting. Participants will walk away with ideas on how teachers are able to defy the norm and think outside of the box to reach all types of learners instead of focusing on lessons that are effective for just a few students in a classroom.

Requirements: Download of apps SeeSaw, Book Creator, Pic Collage, Camer app, clips and Osmo: Monster would be advised.