Session 108

Title: Creating Lessons and Programs using iTunes U

Presenter: Andrea Kontozis, Gymea Bay Public School

Co-presenter: Andrea Kontozis, Gymea Bay Public School

Type: Practical

Duration: 60 mins

Target Audience: K-6, Teachers & Executive

Overview: iTunes U is an app that allows teachers to digitize programs for distribution to other staff members and students. Participants will engage in a step by step workshop where they will look at examples of iTunes U courses and how they are being designed and implemented at Gymea Bay Public School. Educators will be able to gain a basic understanding of how to introduce and implement iTunes U to their school and how to access courses already developed.  Participants will also create their own iTunes U course which can be used in forming lessons and programs for easy distribution on a platform that students and teachers are becoming more competent navigating.

Requirements: iPad, personal Apple username and passwords.