Session 107

Title: Leading the integration of STEM Learning in the curriculum

Presenter: Jim Mallios – James Cook Boys Technology High School

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins

Target Audience: 7-12 Teachers & Executive and School Leaders

Overview: Participants of this showcase will learn about how James Cook Boys Technology High School has developed integrated STEM projects within the curriculum. This will be approached from the perspective of changing teacher practice in the classroom and collaboration colleagues. We will explore the following areas: – Integrating Project learning in Mathematics, Science and Technology classes in Stage 4 – The impact integrated learning has had on changing teacher practice and student engagement – Examples of student learning experiences – Present processes undertaken to facilitate timetabling, immersive learning and resourcing – Demonstrate how high schools can link with primary schools to support STEM learning – Discuss the effects of stage 4 STEM learning on Subject Selection in Stage 5 and 6. Participants will take away a thorough understanding of how they can collaborate with colleagues to implement STEM education within their own schools.

Requirements: Nil