Session 103

Title: Neuroscience and Individualised Learning: An Innovative Approach to Learning and Engagement.

Presenter: Semone Riddell, Nicole Riley and  Emma Kid – Balarang Public School

Type: Practical

Duration: 60 mins

Overview: At Balarang Public School we are creating future focused 21st Century learners. Incorporating the structure of the Daily 5 Literacy model, an understanding of brain compatible learning, short, explicit mini lessons, and an emphasis on individualised learning, is transforming student results, engagement and teacher collaboration and effectiveness. Research into the neuroscience of the brain indicates short explicit literacy teaching sessions and regular brain breaks enhances student outcomes and engagement. We have employed the flipped classroom model and become facilitators of individualised learning in order to enhance student learning outcomes. Teachers have individual conferences with students to set individual learning goals and the strategy required to achieve these goals. We view the embedding of technology in lessons as a tool and not an outcome. The meaningful use of technology in the classroom has opened a whole new world of possibilities for learning.   Our vision included creating students who were ready for 21st Century learning. However, we had developed something greater than we had anticipated. Students had taken ownership of their learning, levels of engagement soared and negative classroom behaviours had dropped dramatically. Also, teacher collaboration and collegiality increased.

Target Audience: K – 12 Teachers & Executive

Requirements: Nil