Session 102

A Middle School approach to build the Learning Continuum from K-12

Presenter: Margaret Downey (Head Teacher Middle School), Sarah Redfern HS

Co-presenter: Celeste Fernandes (Year 8 Adviser), Sarah Redfern HS

Type: Showcase

Duration: 60 mins

Target Audience: K-12, School Leaders

Overview: In a bid to address low literacy and numeracy levels – alongside declining numbers in a radically changing community – Sarah Redfern High established a Middle School in 2011. With demonstrated success of students’ improved NAPLAN and ESSA results as well as engagement and transition, this workshop will share specific strategies including innovative structures, processes and mindsets, to support the learning continuum from K-12. Some of these include: teaming of Literacy and Numeracy teachers to plan and deliver concept-based units using 4MAT; dedicated Middle School environments led by a Head Teacher Middle School with a Primary background; selective class and the creation of an award-winning Minto Community of Schools initiative. It is through this relationship with feeder schools that builds the learning continuum via regular staff interaction, academic competitions and Gifted & Talented Program.

Requirements: Nil

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