Peter Hutton


Peter Hutton

PHU portrait 2015Peter Hutton is a thinker, challenger and educator.   This makes him quite a disruptive change agent, but better outcomes for young people is always at the core of his work.

He has over twenty years of experience as a teacher and leader in both Independent and Government schools.  He is currently Principal at Templestowe College in Victoria.

His stated aim is to work with others to bring about a new model of education where every student is empowered to Take Control of their own education and has the opportunity to succeed.



Keynote: “Whose education is it?” – A Model of Student Empowerment 

Six years ago Templestowe College (TC) was on the verge of closure. Today it is in high demand and listed amongst the most innovative schools in Australia.* The Educator

TC challenges the very heart of education. “Who is responsible for a student’s learning?” No bells, no year levels, no compulsory subjects, and “Yes” is the default response to any student, staff or parent request. By empowering students to Take Control of their own learning, TC provides a model where students are genuinely engaged, connected, and no one is a failure.

Workshop: Student Entrepreneurship and Real Life Learning    

So much of traditional education seems about preparing students for the future. When given the chance, young people want to do real things, now! That means making real mistakes, overcoming real setbacks and interacting with the real world beyond the school walls. School communities can be thriving micro-economies run by students (with a little support) if we just change our thinking.

TC employs 70 of its students to help run the school, allocates $30,000 pa for business start-ups, and has its own entrepreneur and business school in residence, all without an additional dollar of government or philanthropic funding.

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