Sir John Jones



Sir John Jones is one of a small, select band of educational professionals who have not only had their achievements recognised in the New Year’s Honours List (2003), but have been able to help and inspire others with their knowledge and passion. One of the most entertaining, inspiring and sought-after speakers on the global educational stage, his achievements and reputation for straight-talking, leadership and creativity have led him to be invited on to a number of panels and think- tanks.

When Headteacher of three secondary schools over a period of 17 years, he was asked to join the Government’s Policy Action Team for Neighbourhood Renewal at the Social Exclusion Unit. He was also a member of the Headteachers’ National Focus Group on Truancy and Exclusion and the Excellence in Cities Project at the DfES. Sir John was part of the National Remodelling Team and the Leadership and Development Unit sponsored by the National College for School Leadership.

Working part-time at the Centre for Educational Leadership at Manchester University, he presented on a range of programmes as well as designing and delivering a Master’s Course at Liverpool University focused on the leadership of change. A Non-Executive Director on the board of Aintree Hospitals Trust, he was also a Governor of two schools on Merseyside.


The future is not what it was. Preparing our students for a world which does not exist where change is mandatory but growth is optional. The good news is schools make the difference, the bad news is schools make the difference’

Keynote will explore:

  • the changing world and the demands it will make on the education system
  • the enduring power of learning
  • why teachers make the difference
  • why people resist change even though it is the only option
  • the need for creativity, ingenuity, agility, adaptability, sociability
  • placing resilience at the core of the educational experience


Teaching as The Magic-Weaving Business.

Building on the keynote and based on his best-selling book The Magic-Weaving Business, John will lead an exploration of what makes a great school, a brilliant teacher and a happy, successful student in the modern world. He will look at creative practice, growth mindsets, effective learning, the importance of positive student-teacher relationships and strategies that really do make a difference in a school.